About Us

Saarin is a subsidiary of holding trade world wide company established in Iran in order to supply, procurement and distributes Natural Asphalt (Gilsonite).

Our startup goes back to five years ago, cooperating with another company as an executive team. It took ages to find appropriate solutions to supply chain and freight loads to different destinations.

For the time being, we are doing business independently under the brand Saarin. The company is capable of providing and distributing Gilsonite lumps and micronized powder with diversified specifications and packaging. We are also capable of shipping the consignment to negotiated ports after packaging is fulfilled. Needless to say all the stages such as provision and shipping undergo our direct surveillance to avoid any probable lapses.

We can proudly inform that owing appropriate amenities and unique perspective, the company is one-of-a-kind of its own.

gilsonite distributor

Our company goal and commitment is to deliver successfully all of products in the bases of our client’s order with the highest quality in all over the world, Because we believe that "satisfaction of our clients come first".

Enjoying years of experience, skills and knowledge over a long period of time, is used for procurement, packing and logistics management to keep our client’s investment secured.

Our key strengths are reflected in our core values which are:

  1. Consultation
  2. Operational excellence
  3. Logistical support
  4. Competitive price

Saarin can provide all of related quality and quantity certificate inspections, if required.

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